Developing Operational Excellence

ICM Group's tailored training and performance coaching for a Keppel FELS N-Class jack-up rig deployment significantly enhanced operational efficiency, safety, and crew retention, aligning seamlessly with client goals for excellence in offshore Norway operations.

The client’s initiative involved deploying a Keppel FELS N-Class jack-up rig, for which ICM Group provided bespoke training services. These services were meticulously tailored to meet the distinct needs of the client’s crew, aiming for heightened operational efficiency and safety standards.


Service Offerings Implemented


Crew Familiarization System Training (CFST)

Spanning three months, this program was championed by three dedicated ICM trainers who led the CFST campaign to accustom personnel to the rig’s equipment and systems. The initiative successfully produced and delivered over 120 CFST documents, integrating seamlessly with the client’s Competence Assurance Program to foster skill development alongside On-the-Job Training. Notably, more than 30 crew members completed this extensive training, equipping them for a wide range of scenarios, including new project undertakings and overcoming competency-related challenges.


Performance Coaching (PC)

Following the mastery of equipment operations, our seasoned subject matter trainers initiated performance coaching to further enhance personnel knowledge and operational confidence. This phase was crucial in elevating performance standards, refining planning processes, and achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which collectively contributed to better retention rates and heightened project operation performance.


Impact & Results

The CFST and Performance Coaching initiatives had a profound impact, significantly reducing the risks associated with equipment damage and workplace incidents, thereby fostering a safer working environment. This proactive training methodology not only boosted crew performance but also enhanced operational efficiency and improved retention rates among personnel. The positive outcomes of these training programs aligned perfectly with our client’s goals for achieving operational excellence, thereby bolstering their capacity to navigate various offshore challenges in Norway.