Staffing & Local Contents Service

ICM Group provided full training services tailored to the specific needs of the crew to ensure operational efficiency and safety prior to the deployment of a Keppel FELS N-Class Jack-up rig.

In November 2021, ICM Group undertook a project to source a Brazilian workforce for a client’s rig, initially situated in Trinidad and Tobago, facilitating crew familiarization with the rig in preparation for a drilling campaign in Brazil.


Preparation and Arrival

By April 2022, the rig made its successful journey to Brazil, equipped with a crew proficient in rig operations and equipment, marking a critical achievement in fulfilling local content requirements essential for a safe and effective operational start.


ICM Group’s Contribution

ICM Group was instrumental in the provision and management of 86 crew members, ensuring meticulous coordination of flight logistics, adherence to contractual commitments, and comprehensive operational support for a smooth transition to full-scale drilling activities.


Operational Commencement

In May 2022, the commencement of an extensive drilling campaign in the Bauna and Patola fields offshore Brazil took place. The project, involving a contract for four wells with an option for two more until March 2023, demanded unparalleled precision and expertise.


Impact and Results

The collaboration’s success was highlighted by the crew’s outstanding performance, achieving safety benchmarks and operational efficiency. The commitment to local content requirements not only ensured regulatory compliance but also strengthened the partnership between ICM Group and the client.

Their support allowed us to concentrate on operational aspects while managing all sourcing/crewing matters ahead of the campaign. Their coordination in facilitating a Brazilian workforce overseas, at significantly lower costs compared to hiring expatriates, was invaluable.

Mobilised Crew: