Our Story

Journey through our milestones: A timeline of growth, innovation, and remarkable achievements shaping our corporate legacy.
Long history of serving the industry

The company was established by individuals with a deep-rooted background in the oil and gas sector, stemming from a family lineage rich in industry involvement.

With a trajectory spanning from junior roles to significant managerial positions at Total and Valaris (formerly Pride International/Ensco), Rene Dubois and Alain Brunet, spanning three generations, collectively contributed over 80 years to the industry.




Beginning of ICM providing training and competence solutions

ICM Group’s journey in training and competence services is defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a steadfast dedication to meeting the ever-evolving demands of our valued clients on a global scale. Over the years, we have consistently adapted and expanded our offerings, delivering innovative solutions for the energy sector.



ICM Group completes its first major project

In 2013, ICM Group marked a significant achievement by skillfully supporting the completion of five new builds at a leading shipyard in South Korea. This milestone underscored our steadfast dedication to excellence and underscored our pivotal role in preparing these vessels for their maiden voyages.

The partnership between ICM Group and our esteemed client culminated in the seamless operational launch of the rig, a testament to our collective efforts and a notable chapter in ICM Group’s storied journey.



Incorporation in the heart of the Mediterranean

In a strategic move to eventually facilitate its global outreach objectives, ICM Group decided to incorporate in Malta, recognizing it as a pivotal hub in the Mediterranean. Malta’s advantageous location and robust business infrastructure made it an ideal choice for ICM to establish its operations.



Diversification with first manpower projects

From its very beginning, ICM Group has been on a dynamic journey of growth and adaptation, always aligning with the shifting needs of the oil and gas industry. Initially carving out a niche in training and competence, 2014 marked a transformative era for us as we broadened our horizons to encompass a wide array of manpower services. This pivotal expansion not only diversified our offerings but also strengthened our capacity to deliver all-encompassing workforce solutions to our clients.

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2015 – 2018


Creation of first subsidiary and roll out of globalization plan

In our unwavering commitment to meet the ever-expanding needs of our clients and to expand our global presence, ICM Group embarked on a transformative journey in 2015. This milestone year marked the establishment of our first subsidiary in Brazil, a strategic leap that would reshape the course of our international expansion.



Separation of manpower and training divisions with an increase in regulatory training demand

In 2018, ICM Group marked a pivotal moment characterized by the division of our Manpower and Training services, reflecting our dedication to specialization and a rising demand for regulatory training. The decision was a strategic move aimed at optimizing our services, allowing us to focus on delivering even more specialized solutions.

One of the driving forces behind this separation was the surge in regulatory training demand within the energy sector. The ever-evolving regulatory landscape necessitated a dedicated focus on delivering training services that strictly adhered to the latest standards and requirements. This division not only enhanced our ability to specialize but also allowed us to maximize our resources, capitalizing on our extensive industry knowledge. We could now cater to the unique needs of both our training and manpower clients with an even greater level of precision and excellence.

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2020 – 2022


Pioneering Augmented Reality training: A first in industry accreditation amid the pandemic

In 2020, ICM Group set a new benchmark by launching the first industry-accredited Remote Assistance and Competence (RAC) solution, heralding a new era of innovation amidst the global pandemic. This pioneering solution underscored our dedication to pioneering advancements and catering to the dynamic needs of our clientele.

Our ability to offer remote assistance and competence services became a cornerstone for maintaining operational safety and continuity during an era riddled with unparalleled challenges. Amidst stringent travel restrictions and heightened safety measures, our RAC solution stood out as a beacon of resilience, enabling seamless service delivery to ensure that our clients’ operations remained robust and uncompromised.



ICM Group delivers 3 simultaneous major mobilization projects

In 2022, ICM Group reached a landmark achievement by expertly managing three significant mobilization projects simultaneously within the energy sector. This feat was made possible through meticulous project management and strategic foresight, allowing us to adeptly handle the complexities of running parallel projects and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence and execution.

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2023 – 2024


Launching a state-of-the-art training center with simulators and inaugurating our new regional office in Brazil

In 2023, ICM Group celebrated a pivotal achievement with the opening of our new regional office in Macaé, Brazil, and the launch of an innovative training center equipped with state-of-the-art simulators. This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to fostering regional connections and enhancing our operational footprint, establishing a vital hub for our activities while offering unparalleled training and support to the Brazilian energy sector.

The introduction of a training center equipped with immersive simulators is a testament to our dedication to advancing skill development, ensuring that participants are equipped with the most current knowledge and expertise to thrive in the rapidly evolving energy landscape. This dual initiative underscores ICM Group’s forward-thinking strategy, emphasizing our pledge to excellence for our clients and our investment in the growth of the local workforce.



Achieving excellence: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications

Our pursuit of excellence is not just a project-level commitment but a fundamental aspect of our ethos and operational framework. ICM Group is thrilled to share our recent accreditation by the internationally esteemed Bureau Veritas Group, confirming our adherence to the highest standards as outlined in ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001:2018 for Health and Safety Management Systems. This achievement reaffirms our position as industry leaders, dedicated to maintaining rigorous management systems that not only meet but surpass global benchmarks.



Securing status as a qualified recruitment agency and forming a strategic partnership with the world’s second-largest revenue company and top global oil producer

ICM Group has marked a significant achievement by securing two strategic contracts with the world’s second-largest company by revenue, and the premier global oil producer. Our core mission through this partnership is to provide highly skilled candidates poised to significantly contribute to the advancement of our client’s operations and projects.

As a certified recruitment agency, ICM Group is pivotal in backing our new client, dedicated to the precise sourcing and positioning of top-tier personnel. This alliance underscores a vital phase in ICM Group’s continuous pledge to propel the industry forward, by carefully assembling and deploying a workforce designed for unmatched success and transformative progress.



Establishment of Board of Directors

ICM Group has made significant progress by establishing a strong Board of Directors. Each member brings valuable knowledge and expertise, promoting a diverse and forward-thinking approach to guiding ICM Group towards lasting success.

This leadership team underscores our commitment to operational excellence, client satisfaction, and the continuous development of a skilled workforce, setting the stage for future accomplishments and innovations.

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