Performance Coaching Services


Why Choose ICM Group for Performance Coaching?

ICM Group’s Performance Coaching (PC) training is your go-to choice for enhancing workforce performance.

Conducted on-the-job and led by experienced subject matter trainers, this coaching program ensures high retention rates and elevates overall performance through standardization, planning, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

It offers crews vital guidance to achieve consistency and efficiency in their operations, making it an essential asset for your team’s success.

Key Features of Performance Coaching

  • Expands knowledge beyond equipment operation to guarantee consistency and instill confidence in operational processes.
  • Delivered by seasoned subject matter trainers to boost performance, standardization, planning, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of operations and start-up programs.
  • Achieve high retention rates and enhanced performance through on-the-job coaching and guidance, ensuring your team excels.
Performance Coaching ICM

Seadrill has used the different services of the ICM Group with a high level of satisfaction. ICM Group personnel have demonstrated their commitment, and they were able to react swiftly to our operational requirements. I can highly recommend the ICM Group.

We have always been highly satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always responsive, and offer very competitive rates with exceptional technical skills. We highly recommend ICM Group’s training & competence services.

They reacted successfully and rapidly to our initial concerns, and we managed to run these activities within the expected budget and with the required level of competence. We recommend the ICM Group within the industry for competence assessment, training and coaching activities.

The crew has nothing but positive feedback. Look forward to having them coming back to our rig and doing more training in the future.