Short Service Employees

ICM Group offers technical recruitment, training, and growth via intensive classes, simulators, multimedia, onsite exposure, and virtual learning, empowering individuals professionally.

Why Choose ICM?

Partnering with ICM Group ensures access to a dependable contingent workforce, acting as your contingency plan for unforeseen demands.

ICM Group provides 24/7 technical support at no extra cost, spanning various crucial areas, from managing payroll, facilitating banking transfers, and overseeing employment contracts to conducting comprehensive operational cost-effectiveness analysis and providing tailored solutions.

This comprehensive support structure guarantees rapid and efficient assistance whenever required.

Key Features

  • Effectively tackles the complexities of maintaining minimum manpower to meet legal, safety, and operational requirements.
  • Provides rapid access to readily available employees, with candidates typically ready for mobilization within 24 to 48 hours to meet immediate needs.
  • Acts as a reliable contingency plan, ensuring access to personnel during challenges like vacation planning and absenteeism.
  • Offers a global workforce that provides 24/7 technical support without incurring additional costs for clients.
  • Facilitates alignment with client requirements for smoother and more efficient hiring processes.
  • Conducts hiring evaluations, knowledge assessments, psychological tests, background checks, and thorough reference verifications to ensure top-quality candidates.

Seadrill has used the different services of the ICM Group with a high level of satisfaction. ICM Group personnel have demonstrated their commitment, and they were able to react swiftly to our operational requirements. I can highly recommend the ICM Group.

We have always been highly satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always responsive, and offer very competitive rates with exceptional technical skills. We highly recommend ICM Group’s training & competence services.

They reacted successfully and rapidly to our initial concerns, and we managed to run these activities within the expected budget and with the required level of competence. We recommend the ICM Group within the industry for competence assessment, training and coaching activities.

The crew has nothing but positive feedback. Look forward to having them coming back to our rig and doing more training in the future.