Training & Competence Services

ICM Group: Enhancing Workforce Competence and Safety in the Energy Industry through Specialized Training and Competence Assurance Programs.

At ICM Group, our comprehensive range of specialized training and competence assurance programs empowers your workforce with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the energy industry. We offer tailored solutions that prioritize safety, proficiency, and compliance, ensuring your team is well-prepared and confident in their roles. Explore our diverse training and competence assurance offerings, designed to elevate industry standards and drive excellence across your organization.

At ICM Group, we wholeheartedly recognize the paramount importance of maintaining a safe and compliant workplace, and this hinges on having a well-trained workforce. Our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) training programs are aimed at certifying or refreshing your team’s understanding of safety protocols, whether they are operating on-site, offshore, or remotely.

At ICM Group, we’re dedicated to enhancing your workforce’s expertise through our Technical & Customized Training (TCT) programs. Our meticulously tailored courses equip your team with essential technical, regulatory, and developmental skills, ensuring they not only meet but exceed role requirements, fostering peak performance.

Under the guidance of our skilled coaches, ICM Group’s Crew Familiarization System Training (CFST) offers essential hands-on experience to employees needing familiarity with site equipment and systems. Whether for new projects, reactivations, high turnover, or competency challenges, our customized training ensures thorough preparedness.

Our Equipment Induction Material (EIM) is a vital e-learning program, placing emphasis on equipment and processes—an emerging industry necessity. These equipment inductions hold the same significance as onsite safety orientations and are essential for all employees when completing CFST onboard with a trainer isn’t feasible.

Our Equipment Operator License (EOL) solution is a proof of expertise in equipment operation, assuring the crew’s possession of the knowledge and skills required for their specific equipment. It offers our clients the confidence that our operators meet the minimum proficiency standards for their designated equipment.

After personnel become proficient with their assigned equipment, Performance Coaching (PC) steps in, offering guidance, assurance, and confidence-building during hands-on operational processes. This coaching plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of operations and start-up programs.

Our Non-Technical & Human Factors (NHF) training shines as the essential cornerstone in our offerings, emphasizing the cultivation of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and cognitive skills. NHF plays an important role in developing the required competence for employees, particularly those in critical roles.

With a decade of experience, we’ve been dedicated to crafting and executing Competence Assurance Programs (CAP) uniquely tailored for energy industry organizations, facilitating global accreditation. Our all-encompassing programs cover reporting, system audits, and the elevation of industry standards.