Green Hat Outsourcing

Why Choose ICM?

The Green Hat Outsourcing program offers the opportunity to revamp processes and systems, creating sustainable models that enable organizations to attract and retain competence and expertise in the long term.

Through our ‘3 Hitches Outsourcing Program,’ ICM Group selects, assesses, and recruits trainees tailored to match our clients’ specific profile needs.

Our commitment extends beyond recruitment, ensuring continuous alignment with evolving client requirements. This includes comprehensive hiring evaluations, knowledge assessments, psychological tests, and thorough background and reference checks to guarantee the perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Offer a distinctive proposition that effectively navigates the advantages and disadvantages of both insourcing and outsourcing.
  • Support the development of sustainable models for the long-term attraction and retention of qualified candidates.
  • Enable future employers to readily assess the potential of prospective employees without expending unnecessary turnover resources, time, or contractual commitments.
Green Hat Outsourcing

Seadrill has used the different services of the ICM Group with a high level of satisfaction. ICM Group personnel have demonstrated their commitment, and they were able to react swiftly to our operational requirements. I can highly recommend the ICM Group.

We have always been highly satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always responsive, and offer very competitive rates with exceptional technical skills. We highly recommend ICM Group’s training & competence services.

They reacted successfully and rapidly to our initial concerns, and we managed to run these activities within the expected budget and with the required level of competence. We recommend the ICM Group within the industry for competence assessment, training and coaching activities.

The crew has nothing but positive feedback. Look forward to having them coming back to our rig and doing more training in the future.