Expatriate Recruitment & Onboarding

ICM Group’s recruitment services optimize HR resources, ensuring quality and service standards. Expertise in local needs enhances efficiency through strategic employee deployment.

Why Choose ICM Group?

At ICM Group, our extensive candidate database ensures a dynamic talent pool, custom-fit to your evolving needs.

We excel in navigating international labor laws, immigration regulations, and cultural nuances, simplifying hiring and ensuring compliance to mitigate global recruitment risks.

With our vast network and rich resources, our global recruitment team sources top-tier talent, granting unmatched access to diverse skill sets. ICM Group streamlines global manpower mobilization, liberating companies to focus on core business activities.

We offer flexibility to address various global manpower needs, whether for short-term projects, seasonal demands, or long-term placements.

Key Features

  • Optimize HR focus by outsourcing recruitment and personnel administration strategically.
  • Access an extensive and continuously updated global energy sector candidate database to meet client requirements.
  • Ensure swift and efficient deployment of qualified candidates through streamlined processes and a vast global network.
  • Conduct thorough interviews, industry testing, reference evaluations, and prompt certifications with expert precision.
  • Build a reputation for delivering a skilled and experienced workforce that enhances operational efficiency and mitigates mobilization challenges in the energy sector.
  • Provide 24/7 responsive services, ensuring immediate attention to client queries and needs.
  • Offer rapid candidate availability within 24 to 48 hours to expedite client hiring processes.
  • Implement comprehensive interview procedures and industry-specific tests for rigorous candidate assessment.
  • Manage hiring evaluations, certification, and handle visa, logistics, and insurance requirements efficiently.
  • Streamline administrative tasks for clients by efficiently managing time sheets and expenses.
Expat recruitment

Seadrill has used the different services of the ICM Group with a high level of satisfaction. ICM Group personnel have demonstrated their commitment, and they were able to react swiftly to our operational requirements. I can highly recommend the ICM Group.


We have always been highly satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always responsive, and offer very competitive rates with exceptional technical skills. We highly recommend ICM Group’s training & competence services.


They reacted successfully and rapidly to our initial concerns, and we managed to run these activities within the expected budget and with the required level of competence. We recommend the ICM Group within the industry for competence assessment, training and coaching activities.


The crew has nothing but positive feedback. Look forward to having them coming back to our rig and doing more training in the future.